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We provide a range of restorative treatment which will enable you to enjoy a full set of teeth again. We can replace any broken or missing teeth using a variety of methods.

The dental team will be happy to give information and advice on cosmetic treatments that could improve your confidence and self esteem.

Improve your quality of life

Our teeth help us to live life to the full and to enjoy a diverse range of foods, speak and laugh with confidence and have an excellent quality of life.

Teeth can be lost for many reasons including gum disease, tooth decay and accidents. However, there is no reason why you should live without your teeth, as dental implants can provide a completely safe way of replacing any number of missing teeth.

Dental implants are not new, in fact, they have been used to permanently replace one, several or all teeth in the upper or lower jaw, for more than 20 years. Modern dental care has come a long way in recent years and the availability of dental implants as a way to replace missing teeth has revolutionised the way that we can treat our patients. The benefits of dental implants can be life changing.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small screw made of titanium, which is inserted in the jaw bone during a short operation usually under local anaesthetic. It subsequently knits painlessly with the bone, forming a secure foundation for new natural looking teeth. 95% of modern implants will last for many years

Reasons for Implants

  • Can replace one or more lost teeth
  • Hold dentures securely in the mouth
  • Success rates of over 95%

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  • Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth
  • Stable foundation for crowns, bridges and dentures
  • Healthy teeth do not need to be cut down
  • Can help prevent bone loss, maintaining facial features
  • Unlike traditional dentures have no palate, having a positive effect on speech and taste
  • Permanent tooth replacement

Treatment sequence with dental implants

After detailed diagnostic investigations and treatment planning, dental implants are inserted in the jaw bone usually under local anaesthetic, or under general anaesthetic if preferred. During the healing period which follows, the bone knits firmly with the implant and forms a secure base for the new teeth. During the healing period, an aesthetic temporary denture or bridge fills the gap until the final denture is fitted. As soon as healing is complete, the new teeth are screwed or cemented to the implant. In some cases, it is also possible to insert the final denture immediately after the implant or implants have been inserted. Your dentist will decide whether this is feasible.


Treatment planning begins with a detailed and precise assessment of the individual situation. This should not be limited to an examination of the entire mouth, the gums, the teeth and the jaw, but should also include your general medical health and any chronic diseases. Taking an X-ray for exact planning of the operation is part of the standard procedure. These are used to assess the amount of bone available for implantation and to determine the exact position of the implants.

For more information and advice, come into the Dentist Buntingford and make an appointment to see one of our dental staff.

Building up the bone in natural teeth

The tooth root transmits chewing forces to the jaw. If the jaw is not stressed for a prolonged period because of the absence of teeth and their roots, the bone gradually shrinks. For the implant to provide a firm foundation for the final restoration, an adequate amount of bone (width and thickness of the jaw at the site of implantation) is necessary. If the investigations prior to treatment show that the amount of available bone is no longer adequate, various methods to build up the bone can be considered. In many cases, building up the bone can be combined with insertion of the implant. Thus, it is often not necessary to carry out several operations.

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