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With Denplan care you can leave all your worries about costly and unexpected dental bills behind you. Just one monthly payment entitles you to all the routine
care and treatment you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

We offer Denplan schemes for both Adults and Children.

Plans for Children

Plans for children allows your dentist to provide the most appropriate dental care programme for your child. This means your dentist plans to stop problems before they start, as well as provide prompt dental treatment where necessary.

Plans for children allows your dentists to tailor your child's oral healthcare for an agreed monthly payment.

More than just check-ups and dental treatment

Your childs dentist will give you an your child advice and information on maintaining good oral health. Visiting the dentist regulary will encourage your child to take positive interest in their dental health. It will also help your child overcome any fears they may have about visiting the dentist. In time they should feel comfortable, lose any possible shyness and feel able to ask questions about their daily dental routine.

This helps them understand how to take good care of their teeth, both now and in the future. Your dentist will discuss the best dental treatment plan for your child with you, highlighting what dental treatment is covered and making you aware of any exclusions.

Emergency dental care whenever and wherever you need it

When your child is registered with plans for children, they receive mandatory supplement insurance cover. This means that your child is covered in the event of a dental injury or dental emergency, whether you are away from home, on business or on holiday.

Further information, benefit limits and exclusions and full terms and conditions can be found in the Plans for Children Application and Membership Pack.

Dental Emergency Helpine at your service

As part of Denplan's Insurance Services you will also have access to Denplan's 24-hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline that can give you help to find a dentist for your child wherever you are in the world.

Want to discuss Denplan for your child? Call 01763 271 695
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